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24 février 2021
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The Blockchain Technology

mercredi 24 février 2021,
à 17h00

Online activity


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Blockchain technology, a veritable revolution in the world of Finance. In this webinar you will learn everything you need to know about how to simplify finances and make it more accessible by proposing better quality services at lower cost.

During the conference, Janine will touch upon a number of topics. She will first explain what Blockchain consists of, where it started, and where it is today.

Afterwards, the conference will address the various applications Blockchain has in the finance and accounting industries, and how Deloitte helps clients transform their operations with the use of this technology. Finally, she will elaborate upon a variety of projects Deloitte worked upon, covering a multitude of use cases such as sharing genomics and clinical data, pharmaceutical supply chain, digital identity, cross-border payments, trade finance, as well as applications in the banking and insurance sectors.


Janine Moir, CA, CPA

National Digital Assurance Leader at Deloitte Canada

Janine is a CPA, CA with over 15 years of experience providing Advisory and Assurance services and working in industry. Janine has worked in various industries with a focus on bringing the finance function and operations together.

As of now, Janine carries a mandate to develop and deploy the Digital Assurance storefront in Canada. These services are designed to help our clients transform their traditional financial reporting cycles, by empowering finance teams with leading-edge innovation and digital technologies. Janine supports finance leaders in improving financial reporting through these technologies. She also oversees Assurance's offerings in the areas of Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Algorithm & Data Analytics and also has a role to grow and standardize Deloitte’s Blockchain Assurance offering across the globe.

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