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24 participants per cohort

4 training


1 simulation of a board of directors

1 evening

Speed Board Dating

Nearly 500 directors have now participated in this training program!

You wish to better prepare yourself before joining a board of directors or you want to improve your participation with the board you already serve on? Offered by the JCCM in partnership with Concertation Montréal and the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés, the Young Administrators Network (YAN) training program is here to help!

The program includes two days of certified training and a board simulation, as well as a “Speed Board Dating” for you to meet organizations seeking potential directors in order to immediately put into practice your apprenticeship!

The program?

The RJA offers 4 training modules (legal, governance, financial resources and strategy) in order to provide you with all the tools you need to become a good administrator. In addition to these practical trainings, a board simulation and a Speed Board Dating day, gathering many NPOs looking for directors, are proposed.

4 training modules in 2 days!

  • Module 1: The Board of Directors and the Law

Contextualization of the legal environment in which a director evolves.

Presentation of the roles and responsibilities of a director as well as the best practices that allow directors to prevent lawsuits against the organization and its representatives.

  • Module 2: Governance and best practices

Presentation of the concept of governance and the challenges faced by organizations.

The human aspect will be discussed, as well as the dynamics of meetings in order to optimize Board meetings.

  • Module 3: The Board of Directors and Financial Resources

Presentation of the mandates and objectives of the Board members in terms of financial resources (annual budget, monitoring during the year, internet monitoring, etc.).

Case study during this module!

  • Module 4: The Board of Directors and Strategic Thinking

Presentation of the mandates and objectives of the Board members with respect to the organization's strategy.

Simulation of a board meeting

The simulation will last 90 minutes and will allow participants to interact, observe and then comment on this board meeting.

The four previous modules will be integrated into the simulation, allowing participants to develop skills, attitudes and behaviours that will enable them to better contribute to Board decisions.

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