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02 May 2022
Contest / ARISTA Provincial Contest

Selection of ARISTA 2022 finalists

Monday 02 May 2022,
at 08h00

Activité en ligne.


(514) 845-4951

Come play an important role in the ARISTA Provincial Competition by participating in the candidate pre-selection morning! We need you for this first essential step of the Competition!

The JCCM is calling on its members to select the finalists for the ARISTA Provincial Competition! During the evening, the role of the participants will be to select, among all the applications received, three finalists in each of the ten categories of the contest.

How to do it?

To do so, they must have read and studied the applications sent to them a few weeks before. You will then be called upon to debate in small groups to determine the finalists.

Please note that you will need to set aside time to read the applications before the Pre-Selection Evening (15 to 30 applications). This step is important to ensure a good deliberation during the morning session.

  1. 5:30 pm: Connection of the participants
  2. Welcome and explanation of the process
  3. Division into groups by category
  4. Analysis of the applications
  5. Selection of the 30 finalists
  6. 9:30 pm: End of the activity


The ARISTA Provincial Competition is an exceptional springboard for Quebec's next generation of business people! Through its 10 categories, the contest aims to reward and highlight young business people, but also entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and business owners from across the province, who stand out for their exceptional talent in their respective fields.

The ultimate goal of ARISTA: to highlight the young talents of Quebec!


This activity is free and reserved for members.

Register before April 21!

Please note that no registration will be accepted on the spot.

See our cancellation policy.

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