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20 April 2021
Programme de soutien en santé mentale

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Tuesday 20 April 2021,
at 23h30

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The goal of these workshops is for you to come away with concrete strategies and tools that can help you regain control of your mental health in your everyday life. These workshops include exercises and practice in adopting behaviours that help reduce your symptoms, spot the warning signs and prevent relapse.

Through these workshops, you will be able to improve your quality of life by getting to know yourself and what you are experiencing, assessing your health status and options, choosing what you believe is best for you, and taking concrete action to make changes in your daily behaviors.

The group spirit is without a doubt one of the strengths of our self-management workshops. Our workshops are based on exchange, mutual aid and the sharing of experiences, all in a respectful and caring environment. The workshop leaders act as guides and accompany you in your process and in your decision-making. Because adopting a self-management approach means that you actively participate in your well-being. You get involved in the choices that concern your mental health by adopting behaviours that will improve your quality of life.

canardAnnie Beaudin

Intervenante paire aidante chez Relief et chercheure auprès du laboratoire de recherche Vitalité de l'UQAM

Sophia-Escobar-Moreno-200x200.jpegSophia Escobar Moreno

Intervenante en santé mentale chez Relief

Workshop dates:

  • April 26;
  • May 4, 11, 18 and 25;
  • June 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29;
  • July 6.

Topics covered:

  • Defining what work means to you and maintaining a realistic view of it.
  • Understanding the different manifestations of anxiety, depression or bipolarity in the workplace
  • Recognizing the warning signs in the workplace
  • Identify your functioning cycles
  • Recognize the influence of your perceptions in order to modify them
  • Better manage stress at work
  • Addressing the issues related to the disclosure of difficulties and accommodations
  • Better understand and manage the work stoppage as well as the apprehension of the return
  • Facilitate the return to work

Practical information and prices

These self-management workshops should be seen as one more step on the road to mental health. They do not replace psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy (medication). They are complementary.

Each self-management workshop is composed of 10 to 15 participants and lasts 10 to 12 weeks with one 2.5 hour meeting per week. They include theoretical information, practical activities, discussions and exercises to do between each meeting. The workshops are offered in virtual format.

  • Registration: 25$ (for a value of 450$)
  • For members only

*By registering for this cohort, you understand that space is limited and therefore commit to attending all 10 workshops (absences tolerated in case of emergency only).

About the JCCM Mental Health Support Program

Developed by the JCCM, in collaboration with Bell, the Association canadienne en santé mentale, filiale de Montréal, the Argyle Institute and Relief (formerly Revivre), this program aims to de-stigmatize mental health in the workplace, and to provide ongoing coaching and support to JCCM members who are experiencing difficulties.

About Relief

Relief (formerly Revivre) is a non-profit organization that helps people living with an anxiety, depressive or bipolar disorder and their families, in collaboration with the institutional and community mental health network.

In order to fulfill its mission, Relief favors punctual support in the form of listening, information and referrals as well as psycho-educational follow-up through support for self-care and health.

In addition, Relief's guiding principle is to build alliances, collaborations and strategic partnerships with the institutional and community mental health network, as well as with the private sector.

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