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14 April 2021
Programme de soutien en santé mentale

Mental health demystified

Wednesday 14 April 2021,
at 12h00



(514) 845-4951

We agree that mental health is integral to the well-being of us all. But do we really know what mental health is? What makes the distinction between mental health and mental illness? How do we know if someone is in distress? What influences our mental health, and how can we positively impact it? When and how do we seek help for our own mental health or that of a loved one?

This interactive webinar aims to answer all of these frequently asked questions on the subject. Free and reserved for JCCM members, this activity will allow you to address the subject of psychological health in your environment and to see more clearly while developing concrete tools for well-being.

  • Define mental health and situate it in relation to mental illness;
  • Equip ourselves to nurture our mental health and contribute to the creation of supportive spaces (social, family, work or volunteer);
  • To be equipped to detect when it is time to seek help;
  • Better understand mental illness;
  • Demystify mental illness (myths and realities);
  • Exploring healthy lifestyles.

Practical information

  • Free activity
  • For members only

This activity will last one hour.

About the JCCM Mental Health Support Program

Developed by the JCCM, in collaboration with Bell, the Association canadienne en santé mentale, filiale de Montréal, the Argyle Institute and Relief (formerly Revivre), this program aims to de-stigmatize mental health in the workplace, and to provide ongoing coaching and support to JCCM members who are experiencing difficulties.

About Association canadienne en santé mentale (ACSM)

A non-profit organization founded in 1979 that works to promote and prevent mental health. With the social determinants of health as a cornerstone, our work is aimed at the entire Montreal community, with special attention to certain populations (youth, seniors, the workplace, single people).

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