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03 June 2021
Seminars / Xpress Workshops

Improve your Storytelling!

Thursday 03 June 2021,
at 11h30

Online activity
Duration: 1h30


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Tell a story and...connect more!

Do you want to catch and touch your customers? Do you want your content to convey your message with great impact? Storytelling is the answer. Everyone loves a good story and if they love the one you tell them, well...they'll be more likely to want to work with you. That's the magic of storytelling.

The objective

Simply add storytelling elements to your content and tell compelling, enriching and entertaining stories to engage your customers.

The objective of this training is to introduce you to the basics of storytelling and give you the tools to create your own stories and connect with your customers.

  • Once upon a time... Why do we love stories so much?
  • Choosing the right story to tell
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Adding emotion
  • I need a hero, characteristics of the perfect hero for your story.
  • Hollywood's rules for success.
  • Creating your story: 5 sources of inspiration
  • A never ending story


André Hamilton

Formateur en Storytelling

André Hamilton has been a trainer for several years. Last year, he gave trainings in storytelling and virtual speaking with Femmessor, at HEC, with Les Affaires and Isarta. He has more than 20 years of experience in content creation in film and television and is also a graduate of the Quebec School of Entrepreneurship. He is also a speaker coach and marketing mentor for Femmessor. He has helped many clients shine with their stories: Marie-Josée Richer( Prana), Erik Giasson, Vincent Fournier, Joanie Lacroix, Élise Charrette, Caroline Munger, Mylène Paquette...

Prices and informations

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The activity will last 1h30.

The activity will be conducted in French.

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