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29 May 2020

Cours Xpress d'anglais des affaires

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Friday 29 May 2020,
at 13h00

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(514) 845-4951

Inscrivez-vous avant le 29 mai! Les formations débuteront le 5 juin.

La JCCM, en collaboration avec Gregory Brophy, vous propose des cours d'anglais des affaires en petit groupe de six personnes. M. Brophy offre des cours d'anglais depuis 2004 dans la région de Montréal.

La majorité de ses clients sont des organisations dans les domaines des télécommunications, finances, secteur juridique, publicité, soutien web et jeux vidéo.

En vous inscrivant, vous bénéficierez de 3 cours d'une heure avec M. Brophy, en format virtuel.

2 niveaux sont offerts / intermédiaire et avancé:


  • - Introduction to advanced verb tense;
  • - Syntax and question structure, grammar of a sentence: pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions;
  • - Conversation and correction, developing confidence and eliminating hesitation ;
  • - Business vocabulary;
  • - Idioms and expressions;


  • - Elimination of day-to-day mistakes like Ss, Hs, overuse of ing;
  • - Broadening vocabulary base;
  • - Conversation and correction focusing on speed and reflex;
  • - Mastering all of the verb tenses in conversation, especially question building!


Gregory Brophy

Corporate English language consultant

"I am an English Language consultant and teacher based in Montreal.
Since 2004 I have been designing and delivering English language courses for professionals and individuals. The majority of my clients are in the corporate sector (Telecommunications, Financial, Legal, Advertising, Web Support, Video Game and Photography)

My students range from beginner to advanced. I design both written and oral language assessments to determine each student’s level so that they are comfortable while learning English with confidence.

I bring a unique perspective to my profession. Since moving to Montreal in 2002, I too have learned a second language, French. I know first hand how challenging it can be and that it is a never-ending process that brings new challenges each and every day. Learning to communicate in a second language takes gumption. I relate to both my students’ struggles and achievements. And my own personal experiences provide me with unique insight as well as access to tools and habits to help in the mastery of English.

In addition, I have extensive experience and provide specialized translation, revision, editing and language assessments."

LinkedIn: Greg Brophy


Les inscriptions sont réservées aux membres de la JCCM. Faites-vite, les places disponibles sont limitées!

Frais de réservation de 60$ pour 3 cours d'une heure.

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