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03 December 2021
Seminars / Mentoring

Mentoring - Call for applications

Members only

Friday 03 December 2021,
at 17h00



(514) 845-4951


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Find the mentor that will take you further!

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or about to make important professional decisions, mentoring could allow you to be accompanied by recognized and experienced business people in their field.

The mentoring program aims to find the perfect match between a mentor from the JCCM's extensive business network and the identified needs of the mentee.

During the 2019-2020 season, more than 50 mentees have been matched with seasoned Montreal business personalities. Our members were able to benefit from advice and tools that enabled them to acquire autonomy, achieve professional goals and take up challenges related to the growth of their business, to name a few examples.

The mentoring relationship is a very enriching experience, allowing them to accelerate the learning and personal development necessary for any career progression.

  • Pay $75 registration fee: $25 non-refundable related to the evaluation of the application; $50 refundable in the rare event of a non-match.
  • Submit a complete file before the closing date.
  • In order to provide an equal opportunity to all JCCM members, a candidate who has been mentored in the JCCM program within the last 18 months is not eligible.
  • Objectives and Expectations: The applicant must demonstrate needs that are related to the objectives and/or nature of a mentoring relationship. Objectives should be clear and expectations realistic. Mentoring is not intended to help you find a job.
  • Commitment and availability in the selection process: Mentee candidates must be available for a meeting with the Mentoring Program Committee (date to come).

The program includes :

  • Mentoring training (early February 2021)
  • A launch cocktail (end of February 2021)
  • A minimum of two meetings between the mentor and the mentee

This program is reserved for JCCM members only. Interested in participating in the Mentorship Program?

Please note that no registration will be accepted on the spot.

See our cancellation policy.

Présentateur officiel