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22 February 2023
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Why focus on your business strategy?

Wednesday 22 February 2023,
at 12h00

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This training will only be offered in French!

For a company, the business strategy is the equivalent of the overall health check for a human being. Evaluating it regularly in order to detect problematic signals or opportunities for optimization allows us to find the right action plans... hence the need to pay attention to it!

Strength, intelligence and agility

Did you know that 70% of the most successful companies had a strategic plan in place first?

In addition to being an effective management tool, strategic planning is an essential leadership tool. It allows the entrepreneur to take a step back and formalize his or her vision with employees, customers, suppliers and partners, thereby strengthening their sense of loyalty and inclusion.

Through this training, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your financial strategy, thanks to :

  • STRENGTH - Financial strength and maintaining the strategic advantages of your products, services and brand;
  • INTELLIGENCE - Analyzing market data and monitoring your competitors to understand the environment in which your business operates;
  • AGILITY - The creation of possible growth and/or reorientation scenarios in the face of a major change in your market.

The strategic plan: a leadership tool

During this training, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to properly communicate your strategic report, while ensuring that it is understood by all employees. Your report must be expressed in simple, unifying terms so that it becomes part of the daily, shared thinking of your teams. Leaders influence, guide and lead others to achieve goals. There is no doubt that the strategic plan is more than a management tool; it is a leadership tool!

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