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Frequently Asked Questions


    I forgot my password. What do I do?

    Click on the “Member Space” button located in the Membership Menu, click on “Login” and finally on “Password Forgotten”.

    A new password will be emailed to you. You can modify the password afterwards in your profile.

    I am a member but my account status says “Inactive”.

    Some people have multiple member forms under their name because they have registered for activities and the newsletter with different emails.

    Please try with another email address.

    If that still does not work, please contact the JCCM.


    What proof must be provided for student membership?

    To benefit from the reduced rate, you must provide supporting proof of your full-time student status in a recognized establishment. We accept a copy of your transcript, your registration confirmation or a letter from your educational establishment.


    A minimum of three (3) corporate members is required for a company to obtain a corporate membership.

    A member account can be deactivated and replaced by a new member for the remaining period of the annual corporate membership. This process can be done two (2) times only during the annual corporate membership.

    Once the membership transaction is complete, the company representative must access their profile and use the functions to create the corporate members’ profiles.

    Members will get an “Active” account status and will be able to enjoy the JCCM benefits once they have completed the required fields in their profile.

    A confirmation email with a temporary password is sent to each new profile.

    This confirmation email invites new members to access and complete their profile.

    How to become a corporate member?

    A company, as an entity, cannot become a JCCM corporate member because all our memberships are meant for individuals. However, the company can have a corporate membership and register corporate members, and thus benefit from a discount on membership rates.

    To obtain a corporate membership, you must have a minimum of three corporate members, and visit the You will have three simple steps to follow:

    Select the “Corporate” membership type and click on “Next Step”;

    Fill in the form and click on “Next Step”;

    Indicate the number of members you wish to register and their contact details, if known, and click on “Next Step”;

    Proceed to payment by credit card.

    What is the role of the representative of a corporate membership?

    This person can create/edit/deactivate a corporate member’s profile and edit the company’s information.

    There can only be one person in charge of membership per company.

    The representative does not have to be a JCCM member.

    If they want to become a JCCM member, they may indicate their request in the form or activate their profile later as a corporate member using the options available.

    No additional costs will be charged when adding a representative as a member.

    The editing of the representative’s name must be made over the phone or by email, so that the JCCM can update the file in the membership database. This change may not be made online.

  • Quel est le rôle de l'actif responsable d’un membership corporatif ?

    Cette personne peut créer/éditer/désactiver des profils-membres et modifier les coordonnées de l’entreprise.
    Il n'existe qu’un seul actif responsable par entreprise.
    L’actif responsable de l’entreprise ne doit pas obligatoirement être membre de la JCCM.
    Lorsque l’actif responsable veut être membre, il peut l’indiquer dans le formulaire ou activer son profil ultérieurement en tant que membre à l’aide des options disponibles dans son profil.
    Aucuns frais ne s’appliquent pour l’ajout d’un actif responsable non-membre.
    Le changement de nom d’un actif responsable doit s’effectuer par téléphone ou par courriel afin que la JCCM mette à jour le dossier dans sa base de données. Ce changement ne peut pas être effectué en ligne.


    Is it possible to communicate information to the JCCM members?

    The JCCM do not allow companies or individuals to communicate information to its members unless a partnership agreement is made with General Management. Please contact General Management for information about publicity options on our website.