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19 September 2020

White paper on women's entrepreneurship and maternity


The place and leadership of women is one of the priorities of the emerging business community, of which our members are a part. Sensitized to the issues of equality in the business world, the JCCM and its Public Affairs Committee decided to work on developing a proposal aimed at encouraging women's entrepreneurship and the economic growth of SMEs run by women.

To support these women and ensure that they are included in the economic recovery and the collective reflection underway to rethink our Quebec, the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal (JCCM) is publishing a White Paper resulting from group discussions and individual interviews with more than 30 women entrepreneurs.

This White Paper outlines 8 solutions addressed to political decision-makers and provides a portrait of the current situation and issues faced by women entrepreneurs.

To read the open letter written and signed by our President Déborah Cherenfant, click here!

We are proud to have the support of these business personalities for our project on motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Geneviève Bégin

Co-founder of PopupCamp, now at Ubisoft

Marie-Pier Caron

Producer, Director and President of Comme des filles Productions

Valérie Danger

Development Director, Montréal Réseau Mentorat

Jessica Flautre-Aubry

President and Executive Director of Femmes Alpha

Sylvie Gasana

Regional Director of Femmessor

France Gosselin

Consultant services for entrepreneurs at Mtl Inc.

Claudie Gravel-Niquet

Co-fondatrice et directrice du développement des affaires de Club Kombucha

Danièle Henkel

Founder of Les entreprises Danièle Henkel Inc.

Claudine Labelle

Founding President of Fitspirit

Sévrine Labelle

CEO of Femmessor

Valérie Martin

Founder of Le bon plan marketing

Christine Marcotte

Founding President of the Réseau des mères en affaires

Aurélie Sauthier

Co-founder at Made in - Content & Influence Marketing

The Scotiabank Women Initiative is happy to support the Junior Chamber of commerce of Montreal (JCCM) and the conversation around motherhood and entrepreneurship, in alignment with our commitment to support women led and owned businesses. Scotiabank and The Scotiabank Women Initiative do not endorse any specific action, recommendation or point of view expressed in this white paper or by any representative or associate of the Junior Chamber of commerce of Montreal.

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