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16 November 2021

Mentoring: the key to success for our generation?


Many organizations, schools and websites offer mentoring programs, but is it really worth it? What is mentoring? and above all, what can this approach bring you in your professional life?

What is mentoring and what does it involve?

Mentoring is based on an interpersonal relationship of support, exchange and learning, in which an experienced person called a mentor passes on his expertise to another person called the mentee.

The goal is to benefit from advice and tools to gain autonomy, achieve professional goals and meet challenges related to the growth of the mentee's business, to name a few examples.

For Entreprises Québec, a mentor offers personalized support to help develop entrepreneurial skills, but also to share their experience, work methods and techniques. This person plays a role of motivator and provides feedback, especially when making decisions.

What can I gain from a mentorship program?

The JCCM has had its own mentoring program for many years, here is the testimony of two of its mentees:

Daniel Tran: "Having an atypical career path, while being close to completing an MBA, I had a lot of questions about my professional future, as well as my possibilities. I wanted to clarify my different career options and get help to have an honest opinion. It's easy to get advice from anyone. Nevertheless, it is not easy to obtain advice from an external perspective. I therefore needed someone who would help me to question myself and analyze the various possible professional situations with as much objectivity as possible."

Audrey B.: "I wanted to discuss with someone who knew my industry well, who understood my daily challenges, but who could provide me with an outside perspective. I was thinking a lot about my career and wondering how to take the next step."

So, do you feel like joining a mentoring program?

We have the perfect program for you! A perfect match between a mentor from the JCCM's large business network and your identified needs.

During the 2012-2022 season, some fifty business people were accompanied by experienced business personalities from Montreal. Come meet your goals!