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05 May 2021

What does the future hold for online business?


It's no surprise that the retail industry has been shaken up by the past few months. Business models have had to be rethought and retailers' ability to adapt has been put to the test. At a time when social contacts are almost non-existent, our ways of consuming have changed and new trends such as "contactless commerce" are emerging.

To learn more about the future of online commerce, we interviewed Étienne Mérineau, co-founder of and contributor to Forbes magazine.

No more physical stores?🧐

For Étienne, the answer is no! Indeed, recent changes in our consumption habits and the acceleration of online commerce are redefining the role of a physical store.

Now, e-commerce is no longer optional, it is imperative. It is the inversion of the hierarchy of contact points.

Étienne Mérineau, cofondateur de

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Étienne Mérineau

Co-fondateur de et contributeur au magazine Forbes

Déborah Cherenfant

JCCM President (2020-2021) & Regional Director, Women Entrepreneurs, Quebec Region, TD Bank