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07 September 2022

From challenge to success!


Trained as an engineer, entrepreneur and mother, Soifiya Hassani is a woman of many talents. Founder of Ménéa, a brand of natural body care products specialized for sensitive and dry skin, it was her children who first motivated her to start her own business

While looking to remedy her two-month-old son's troubling skin issues, Soifiya was surprised to see the list of body care ingredients she used for her children.

I recognized some of the toxic products that I had to handle safely in the lab in my career in chemistry. So I decided to turn to natural products.

Soifiya Hassani, founder of MENEA

While doing her research, Soifiya realized that her parents' home country, the Comoros Islands, had a rich tradition of skin care with vegetable oils. From there, the desire was born to provide a healthy, natural, and healthful alternative for all family members.

The challenges of everyday life

Crédit : @myriambariltessierphotographe

What issues does your product line address?

MENEA products naturally soothe, moisturize, nourish and protect fragile, sensitive and dry skin, and even certain eczema problems!

Running a business certainly has its share of daily challenges. What is your biggest personal challenge?

Managing the unexpected! Last year, just before the launch of MENEA, I was recommended for the Start Up of the Year 2021 award by the Montreal-based organization Artistri Sud. In just a few weeks, I had to go through interviews, shoot a promotional video, and set up a communication campaign to mobilize my network to vote for me. In short, it was quite an experience (and a great time management)! In the end, my efforts were rewarded because I won the contest! I must admit that it was not easy with the many requirements to respect and the preparations for the launch of the MENEA brand.

Finally, if you could describe MENEA in three words, what would they be?

Health, love and comfort.