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30 May 2022

Diversity and inclusion in business


It is no longer unknown that diversity within organizations increases creativity and plurality of opinions, but is also synonymous with innovation. Today, more and more organizations are putting inclusion at the heart of their values and activities. Habi Gerba, President of the JCCM, speaks with Jonathan Houle-Mireault, Chair of the JCCM Board of Directors and Vice President at KPMG, and Ravy Por, Executive Director at KPMG.

Our guests

Jonathan Houle-Mireault

President of the Board of Directors

Ravy Por

Executive Director and Leader of Lighthouse Quebec, the Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies, KPMG

Today, the notions of inclusion and diversity are no longer unknown and are a priority for most. But in concrete terms, how are they reflected in companies, in their HR practices or even in their activities? This is the question Habi Gerba asked our two guests, Ravy and Jonathan, who both work at KPMG.

To be truly inclusive, it is important to create a work environment where employees feel free, accepted and safe.

I am in a safe space at work. I can be myself and my colleagues [...] are willing to say that it's important to be 100% yourself.

Jonathan Houle-Mireault

Today, companies must fully play their roles and take their responsibilities to remain proactive on diversity and inclusion issues.