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01 February 2022

Who is Habi Gerba?


Habi Gerba becomes the 83rd president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal

You have certainly already heard of Habi Gerba, a passionate and committed entrepreneur to Women in Business. From an early age, Habi developed her entrepreneurial spirit thanks to her passions: fashion and drawing. Inspired by the journey of her parents and those of many women she was able to meet, she very quickly made her place in Montreal's business community and sought to contribute, in her own way, to the success of her peers by creating Gazelles, a clothing line for business women.

From entrepreneur to "repreneur"

Entrepreneurial Acquisition also occupies a special place in Habi's career. In September 2021, she became president of Groupe AE succeeding her mother, founder of the company.

My mother arrived in Quebec with my father in 1995 without a network. Despite the discomfort of still being the only black person in her chamber of commerce at the time, she understood that getting out of her community and expanding her network allowed her to break down certain barriers, change her perceptions, better understand the system and especially discover new opportunities.

An ambitious and inspiring mandate

As the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal (JCCM) 83rd president, Habi Gerba aims to align the organization, its image and its actions to the passion and creativity of its members.

18 to 40 year olds, we represent, innovate, consume, inspire. I want to strengthen their place in decision-making bodies because we make the business community vibrate and transform the economy.

Habi Gerba, Présidente et porte parole de la JCCM

JCCM's entire team is proud to welcome this experienced and inspiring personality at the head of its organization. Former presidents of the JCCM have all brought their talent and ideas to help the organization grow and contribute to the development of the next generation of business leaders in Montreal. There is no doubt that Habi Gerba will be an exceptional spokesperson for our organization, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.

I would like to congratulate my predecessor, Déborah Cherenfant, for her dynamism, passion and thoroughness. I also thank the superb Selena Lu and the Board of Directors for their trust!

Habi Gerba, Présidente et porte parole de la JCCM