Develop, represent, and promote the next generation of business professionals
18 May 2022

Discover our new series: L'assemblée


For its 90th anniversary, JCCM is launching L'assemblée, a series of videos highlighting innovative and committed individuals who are part of JCCM's vast network. It is thanks to this strong and cretive group of new business people that JCCM can continue to do what it has done best since 1931: develop, represent and promote the next generation of business professionals.

Since 1931, what makes the richness of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal is the people who are part of its network. Born out of an economic crisis, the JCCM has been able to adapt, innovate and grow within the Montreal business community to become today one of the largest networks of young business people in the world.

Claire Bardin, co-founder of Boréalie - episode 1

A common challenge, different solutions

In order to highlight its members, JCCM is pleased to launch L'Assemblée, a series of videos that give voice to innovative individuals who bring their solutions to issues that are dear to us. How to reduce the waste of resources? How do you start giving back to your community? These are questions, among others, that participants will answer through these discussions in order to highlight different business models and local impact.