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31 May 2022

Molson Coors contributes to our crowdfunding campaign!


On May 24th, JCCM launched its first crowdfunding campaign in favor of greater diversity and better inclusion in the Montreal business community! Molson Coors, historical partner of the JCCM, is contributing $10,000 to support its efforts.

By July 6th, JCCM wishes to raise $45,000, which will be matched by the Mille et un Fund, in order to offer free and tailored services to 100 young people aged 18 to 40 who experience barriers or who are underrepresented in the business community.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are values deeply rooted in our organization and its activities. Molson Coors, historical partner of the JCCM, wishes to contribute to a strong, diverse and inclusive business community by supporting this crowdfunding effort! JCCM is grateful and warmly thanks the Molson family who have provided exceptional support for our development for several decades.

The entire JCCM team is proud to be able to count on key partners such as Molson Coors to support it in its mission and, in particular, this crowdfunding campaign which is particularly close to our hearts. Let's collectively contribute to greater diversity and inclusion in the business community.

Marie-Krystine Longpré, directrice générale de la JCCM

Services Offered

Our project aims to provide free access to our services and our extensive network to communities that are underrepresented in the business community by offering:

  • 🗣 A tailor-made training in the art of networking;
  • 🤝 Free admission to JCCM's mentoring program;
  • 💡 Free admission to one of JCCM's three training programs;
  • 🌐 Access to all JCCM's services and its vast network;
  • 🙋 Dedicated support from JCCM's Team.

Let's meet on June, 7th!

🎉 For our 90th anniversary, and in order to raise funds for our crowdfunding campaign, we invite to celebrate on June 7th in a friendly and intimate setting that will gather former presidents, mentors, members and non-members of the JCCM!

Any profit generated by this 90th Anniversary Cocktail will be donated to our crowdfunding campaign "90 years of local impact for the next generation".