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28 September 2022

Retour sur L'assemblée!


Many of you braved the cool weather on September 23rd to meet at the Cantine Aire commune, located in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal, to enjoy the setting sun

L'assemblée, a networking event, was intended to celebrate the diverse, inclusive and committed business community that makes up the JCCM network. This evening also kicked off the JCCM's diversity, equity and inclusion projects, such as the customized pathway dedicated to 100 young people from underrepresented communities in the business world or the project Un réseau d'allié.e.s

I have been president of the JCCM for 8 months now and the question I am always asked is "why? There are two reasons, firstly I wanted to bring the Junior Chamber closer to the youth, and also to open the doors wider to more diversity. I talk to underrepresented groups, I talk to people who look around and sometimes don't see themselves in the business world.

Habi Gerba, president and spokesperson of the JCCM

We keep moving forward

After obtaining $150,000 in funding from the ARIF, the JCCM is also dedicating itself to the project A Network of Allies, in order to break down the silos between different groups and communities to support each other. "We often talk about the importance of diversity, but it is also important for diversity to diversify its network," says Habi Gerba.

"After years of COVID-19 meeting people virtually, it's nice to be able to meet people face-to-face in a relaxed setting," explained one member. In a friendly atmosphere, many young professionals had the chance to meet each other over food, drinks, and music.

Your presence allowed us to celebrate the diverse, inclusive and committed young business people! A big thank you to you!

Photo credit : Gabrielle Alice Landry