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20 June 2022

A look back at the 2022 Volunteer Gala!


Last Thursday, June 16th, we celebrated our volunteers!

Despite the rain, many of us gathered in the magnificent premises of the Brivia Group to celebrate the precious work of the volunteers. Hosted by Seynabou BA, the evening had many surprises in store for us!

Remise des prix

The Volunteer Gala is an evening dedicated to the members of the JCCM who have been part of the different volunteer committees during the year. Throughout the evening, they were rewarded and thanked for their great involvement. A total of 6 awards were given out, in addition to the participation awards.

Rookie of the Year

Nominated : Camille Roberge, Associate, RJL
Nominated : Laurence Poulin, Associate, Public Affairs
Nominated: Benjamin Ouanson, Associate, RJE
Winner: Claire Bardin, Co-Project Manager, RJE

Contributor of the year

Nominated: Nicolas Carrara, Associate, Strategy
Nominated : Mathilde Pauty, Associate, Networking
Nominated: Guillaume Poirier St-Pierre, Associate, Mentoring
Winner: Azélie Pouliot, Associate, VIP Conversation

Project Manager of the Year

Nominee: Seynabou BA, Project Manager, Networking
Nominee: Audrey Labrosse, Project Manager, RJL
Nominee: Muriel Delille, Project Manager, Public Affairs
Winner: Pearl Coutépéroumal, Project Manager, Webinars / Training

Director of the Year

Nominee: Stéphanie ROBERGE, Director, Strategy
Nominated : Camille Francoeur-Marquis, Co-Director, Training
Nominated : Geneva Boulianne-Grenier, Director, Conferences
Winner: Marc-Antoine Guérard Director, Public Affairs

Committee of the Year

Young Leaders Network
Public Affairs

Favorite of his peers

Nominated: Azélie Pouliot, Collaborator, Conversation VIP
Nominated : Seynabou BA, Project Manager, Networking
Nominated: Pearl Coutépéroumal, Project Manager, Webinars / Training
Winner: Adil Alam, Associate, Member Experience

Slow Fashion in Motion

Since it is possible to be chic while contributing to a more sustainable economy, we put our volunteers in the spotlight to showcase their best slow fashion outfit or accessory. This responsible fashion movement, which is very present in Montreal, promotes sustainable clothing manufacturing, including respect for the environment, workers and animals.

Many thanks!

Chaque année, nous avons la chance de compter sur l'appui d'une centaine de bénévoles dans l'accomplissement de notre mission. C'est grâce à votre engagement et votre soutien que la JCCM est ce qu'elle est aujourd'hui : la plus grande jeune chambre au monde!

Each year, we are fortunate to have the support of over 100 talented volunteers in the accomplishment of our mission. It is because of your commitment and support that the JCCM is what it is today: the largest young chamber in the world!