Develop, represent, and promote the next generation of business professionals
03 June 2022

President's Tour 2022!


Throughout the month of May, our president and spokesperson, Habi Gerba, took part in numerous meetings with inspiring organizations to discuss issues, solutions and collaborations, while building new bridges between the JCCM and the various actors of our ecosystem!

Expanding our network

Through this initiative, Habi had the opportunity to exchange with several personalities of the Montreal business world, including

Moe Hamandi, President of Pride Montreal.

Moe Hamandi, président of Fierté Montréal
Since 2007, Pride Montreal's primary mission has been to support and promote the gender and sexual diversity communities, while serving as a model for communities experiencing injustice around the world. Today, the festival attracts nearly 3.4 million attendees each year during its entire program.

Payam Eslami, Executive Director of Entreprendre Ici
Entreprendre ICI is an organization that offers a tailor-made welcome to ethnoculturally diverse entrepreneurs, in order to help them overcome systemic barriers and guide them towards the best resources to help them realize their business project.

Marie-Laure Konan, Executive Director of ALPA - Accueil Liaison pour Arrivants

Marie-Laure Konan, Executive Director of ALPA - Accueil Liaison pour Arrivants
ALPA is an organization that specializes in the socio-economic integration of immigrants so that they can pursue their dreams and contribute to the prosperity of Quebec and its regions!

Maudeleine Myrthil, Director of Entrepreneurship, et Louis-Edgar Jean-François, CEO of Groupe 3737
The 3737 Group is a national not-for-profit organization that provides coaching and support tools to ethnoculturally diverse business owners with an ecosystem of over 1000 entrepreneurs across Canada.

Sylvie Gasana, Evol's Montreal Regional Director

Evol is an organization that supports diversely owned and inclusive businesses that generate positive impacts aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, enabling entrepreneurs to build sustainable and successful businesses.

Sam Watts, CEO - Executive Director of Mission

Sam Watts, CEO - Executive Director of Welcome Hall Mission
Welcome Hall Mission is a great gateway to help Montrealers in need. The organization offers a social reintegration program with housing, a social and job skills program, medical care and an impressive free food market!

Amélie Moncelet, General Manager of CIBL 101,5, and Nathalie Benoît, President of the Board of Directors
CIBL is a French-language community radio station based in Montreal that gives voice to the Montreal community in all its diversity. It produces and broadcasts French-language programming that focuses on local culture, music and information, with an emphasis on emerging talent.

The JCCM hopes to continue these relevant meetings as well as the opening of its network in order to better develop, represent and promote the next generation of business people.