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06 February 2023

Building bridges between generations!


Gabrielle has been a volunteer at the JCCM since August 2022 and is now the co-director of the Creative Marketing Committee, a role she shares with Azélie Pouliot. Passionate about writing and public relations, Gabrielle threw herself headfirst into this volunteer project in order to set the tone of this brand new committee. Discover her journey!

Why volunteer?

The networking events as well as the mental health in the workplace initiatives are what first drew Gabrielle to volunteering. "It's what allows us to connect across the generations of the JCCM and make our workplaces healthier," she explains. For her, being part of an organization that amplifies the voice of her generation is a motivating and unifying experience.

The JCCM allowed me to connect with a diversity of young professionals with different backgrounds, an added value that we don't always have in our respective fields.

Gabrielle Landry, co-directrice du comité Marketing Créatif

Among the many opportunities for involvement, Gabrielle was particularly attracted to the Creative Marketing committee for the editorial side as well as the creation of strategic content around the JCCM's priorities.

A few questions

🕺What is your best memory from the beginning of your involvement?

  • The 5@7 L'assemblée, at Aire Commune

🤝If you could sum up your volunteer experience in one word, it would be?

  • Engaging!

🫖Out of curiosity, what is your favorite brunch place in Montréal?

  • The Cardinal Tea Room

Spotlight on the Creative Marketing Committee!

The Creative Marketing Committee's objective is to amplify the messages and priorities of the JCCM through the promotion and outreach of its initiatives and activities. Divided into two components, editorial and digital, the committee ensures that the JCCM's members are highlighted, while creating content on its various platforms, including the website and social networks.

Be part of the JCCM experience!

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