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Volunteer Involvement

Participez à l'expérience JCCM!

Each year, the JCCM can count on about 150 volunteers. They are organized into different committees, by event or work topic, based on their individual skills and aspirations.

Members of the JCCM have the opportunity to become even more involved in Montreal’s business community by volunteering for the organization. In the course of a season, volunteers are required to collaborate with the General Management Team in planning activities and training programs.

With their analytical minds and innovative ideas, volunteers are of invaluable assistance during the organization of Montreal’s biggest events each year. By becoming a volunteer, you will be given the opportunity to develop your skills in project or team management, to build business relationships, to exercise your leadership and to gain self-confidence.

Please note that volunteer positions are filled for the summer. So check back in June 2018 for the publication of the 2018-2019 volunteer posts, which include Director, Project Manager and Collaborator volunteer positions.

According to short-term needs, the JCCM may be looking for volunteers wishing to get involved from time to time throughout the year. The purpose of their involvement is to support the different committees during the JCCM's events.

For further information, please contact the Volunteer Management Committee at

Notice: All volunteers must be members of the JCCM.

Quelques postes bénévoles sont encore ouverts!

Vous désirez faire partie de notre réseau de bénévoles et partager votre savoir-faire?

En remplissant le questionnaire ci-dessous, vous serez automatiquement inscrit·e à notre banque de candidatures bénévoles. Par la suite, en fonction des besoins exprimés par les différents comités en matière de compétences et d'expertises, les candidat·e·s bénévoles recevront une invitation à se joindre à l'un de nos nombreux projets. Évidemment, vos centres d'intérêts ainsi que vos disponibilités seront pris en compte afin de vous offrir la meilleure expérience bénévole possible!