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Board of Directors

Its Role

The Board of Directors manages and administers the assets and affairs of the JCCM. It ensures the JCCM’s future development and its sound management, in the interest of its members.

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Its Composition

The JCCM Board of Directors is composed of 13 members: the Chair of the Board, nine directors, including the retiring Chair of the Board, and three statutory directors (the President of the JCCM, the Vice-president of Corporate Affairs and Secretary, and the Vice-president of Finance and Administration).

With the exception of the Chair, the statutory members and the retiring Chair, who are only elected for a one-year term, directors serve a two-year term. Normally, four directors are elected each year. Any member of the JCCM may submit an application during the annual recruitment campaign for Board members. A Nominating Committee, composed of Board members and JCCM members, evaluates the applications and selects the candidates according to representativity, among other criteria.

Its Members

Jonathan Houle-Mireault

President of the Board of Directors

Habi Gerba

President and Spokesperson

Fatoumata A dite Woybi Toure

Administrator and President of the ad hoc risk management committee

Julien Baudry

Administrator and Co-President of the Strategy Committee

Mélissa Fortin

Administrator and President of the Finance Committee

Vanessa Gauthier

Administrator and President of the Human Resources Committee

Elodie Meyer

Administrator and Secretary

Johara Obaïd


Marc-André Reid


Camille Rousseau-Dufresne

Administrator and President of the Governance Committee

David Roy


Erandi Motte Cortés



Fréderic Morin-Bordeleau

Hawa Keita


Hélène Olland